TruePay adheres to the corporate values of “customer first, pursuit of ultimate, integrity, collaboration, innovation, and sharing”, and is committed to build a world-leading international payment platform to provide merchants with better and more secure payment/settlement services. We eliminate the problem that personal webmasters were hard to sign up for payment interfaces and it’s a trouble to apply for official payment interfaces. Our system’s advantages:
Internet banking average
processing time
E-wallet average
processing time
Payout average
successful time


24 x 7 Automation Deposit/Settlement System

  • Reduce employee workload
  • Reduce human errors

Real time payment processing

  • Reduce Customers' waiting time
  • Increase Customers' satisfaction

User management & BO functions

  • Management of master and sub account with different access right features for employees
  • Withdrawal & deposit instant transactions and export functions
  • All fund transactions will be presented in the back office

Security Protection

  • High quality software security & data protection
  • Protects sensitive information attacks from any vector
  • High level of stability and reliability

Simple Integration

  • Simple integration minimise changes to your workflow and use your own preferred backend
  • 4-steps integration to launch at once

Capital Guarantee

  • Withdrawal with 2FA one time password
  • Real-time T-0 settlement
  • Merchant risk coverage

High-efficiency instant response

  • Instant response and process for any issue
  • 24 working hours customers services & finance team

One stop solutions Provider

We provide all financial solutions services as follows:-
  • Deposits
  • 3rd party transfers
  • Withdrawals
  • Foreign currencies exchanged


deposit deposit

Internet Banking

Online banking payment’s channel use bank cards issued by major banks as the payment medium, users complete the transactions directly through corresponding online banking to solve payment between merchants and users. TruePay provides a means for your members and customers to pay you via our automatic bank deposits channel. One simple integration gives you access to accept deposits and payments via all major banks. It can be used to top up members’ wallets or sell digital content, services and physical goods.



A well-known digital wallet also known as "e-Wallet" in Vietnam refers to an electronic device or online service that allows an individual to make electronic transactions. Money can be deposited in the digital wallet prior to making any payments or can be direct pay by the linked bank cards in Momo e-wallet. Truepay provide the services as your members or customers can make payment through scanning the QR with e-wallets to ensure the simplest and fastest payment process.

withdrawal deposit


The payout/withdrawal service refers to the business can make funds transfers to the target account through the system with providing the bank account information and corresponding funds related to the payment target. In simple terms, it means that each merchant can use its own settlement convenience to entrust TruePay with the balance of TruePay to handle the payment of the specified amount. The process and management of all payout activities according to your requirements, to get you more convenience and precise to make payment. Truepay provides payout service with real-time processing and instant status callback to merchants.

currency deposit

Currency Settlement

In order to provide more convenient services to merchants, Truepay is able to exchange the settlement balance formed by the funds received by merchants and direct withdraw to other currencies. TruePay helps to protect yourself from overpaying with our competitive exchange rates without hidden charges, bringing you greater value for every transaction anytime, anywhere.

settlement deposit


TruePay implements same day settlement funds, it’s referred to when received payment from your customers, you can request fund settlement according to your own time and fund arrangement.
We aim to avoid cash flow issues and long settlement periods with your business. You can request a settlement at any time and it will be processed within 30 minutes.